Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Handle bar moustache.

My summer job before school starts up again is working at a museum doing what can best be described as "carnival barking"

This gave me an excuse to waxing my moustache into a handle bar. I have always wanted to do this on a regular basis, but have lived in fear of looking like a fat hipster since:

1. I live in NYC the breeding ground for hipster.
2. I a too fat to look like a regular hipster (see photo for podcast episode 21 for what I look like, i'm the guy in the skin tight shirt in the center.)

My awesome cousin John informed me, knowning that I am a fan of all things handle bar moustache related (and facial hair related in general) that 

Heineken Light has an ad which is all about the handle bar.

So do I like this ad?

It has an old timey boxing match, it has handle bar moustaches. You bet your sweet bippy* I fucking like it. I don't drink any light beer since I can have a full bottle of Guinness and only get 125 calories,  (which Guinness used to point out in excellent ads which stated simply "Guinness has only 125 calories. Not on purpose."), so I can't comment on wether Heineken light tastes good. But reviewing this from a purely advertising standpoint, this ad is badass, funny and makes me remember the product, which is rare this days.

So verily I say: Go show Heineken! Jolly good marketing! Pip Pip Cheerio!**

*Bibby is some retro slang. its from about 100 years after old timey handle bar moustached boxing took place on a regular basis, but give me at least partial credit for being retro in both aspects.  

**I know being old timey is not the same as being british either.

Thanks again to my cousin John for the tip.

writing this entry has reminded me of a great SNL sketch which I have never seen but which my friends Ken and Alan would often re-enact in parking lots about James "The Gentleman Masher" Corcoran. It doesn't appear to be on the internet in video form but you can read all the dialogue from it here:

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