Thursday, January 26, 2012

Podcast Episode 46

Thor's 46: Jason Statham is about to tackle you from behind!

Seriously! Turn around right now!

This message brought to you by the foundation for a better life.

We discuss more TinTin, Spielberg, Sci Fi and horror movies. And a bunch of more specific stuff that I don't have time to right down right now.

The photo for this episode is some silliness I (Thor) made in homage to a joke I really dug from the podcast
"The Flop House" found at
You should give it a listen, it is a awesome podcast about bad movies.

To explain the P2 poster further: In Episode 77 of The Flop House, Dan mentioned the low grossing horror film "P2" to which Elliot explained, "Yes the movie 'P2: Pudgement Day' and Stuart went onto explain that it was about a shape changing robot from the future made of liquid chocolate.

(I find very silly things very funny, as your probably noticed from listening to the podcast. Which is why the Monty Python skit "The Silly Party" is one of my favorites. )

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