Monday, January 2, 2012

The trailer for the movie "TiMER" makes me want to see it, which should happen all he time with trailers but often doesn't

A friend of mine  mentioned a year or so ago that he had watched a very small sci-fi rom-com called "TiMER" from 2009 about a device that allows people to know the exact moment they will meet their "one true love"*. Though the description of the movie sounded cute, I didn't really give it much thought until now, when I stumbled upon the fact that the star of the film is the actress who played my favorite character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Emma Caulfield, who played Anya on the show. Most of what you need to know about that character can be found in this clip:

I showed that clip once to Baldr (the co-host with me on the Thor's Hour of Thunder podcast) and he said, "That clip somehow, in less than 30 seconds, highlights everything I find annoying about Joss Whedon as a writer and director ".  But I think that character is awesome and hilarious and her never explained fear and loathing of rabbits just ads to her charm.

I'm getting off topic, the point is Emma Caulfield is apparently in this movie, and it has a trailer that does a good job of selling the film. Too many trailers either don't give the audience enough of an idea of what a film is about and why they would like it, or go the completely opposite route and reveal every damn aspect of a film, to the point where you give the audience not reason to need to see more.

This trailer isn't amazing, none of the jokes are hugely memorable, but it does a great job of making the film seem to be very endearing. In two minutes it paints the characters to be better drawn and less sit-com-y than our average romantic comedy character. It gives you the plot in a very clear and concise manner but leaves you with a desire to see more and gives the audience questions which they will have to see the film to learn about.

 This may seem like the very basic idea of what a trailer should be. But so often trailers fall short of thisI have talked before about the Stephen Colbert clip where he talks about how much he loves watching trailers and how he doesn't need to watch movies anymore because trailers are so much more fun and have better pacing and editing, and even though it is obviously a joke, that does often end up being the case.

This trailer on the other hand, actually  has me thinking about watching a film I had little interest in before i saw the trailer. Which, unless I am forgetting a movie, is more than I can say for any trailer for a 2011 movie. Most trailers I see these days are for movies I already know are my cup of tea like The Muppets or I already know I will hate, like anything involving Katherine Heigl.

*Not to be a huge downer,  but personally, I think the idea of soulmates and people who are "meant for each other" is a silly fantasy, but I can except it as the reality of a movie that is also science fiction. Sorry this footnote wasn't funny.

To make up for it, here is a second great clip of Colbert talking with Jon Stewart in the early 2000's back when Colbert was on the Daily Show. The clip from comedy central's website (which unlike every other clip I found is both able to be embedded on my site and is not grainy as hell) for some reason cuts in after Jon Stewart explains what is going on so before you watch you should know that:

The clip is making fun of how libel laws in England caused the British media to heavily imply that sources and rumor said Prince Charles had a gay experience with an employee, but the British media was unable to actually state this outright.

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