Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Real life Chris Pine from Bottle Shock has an awesome new year's video

Avi Denovitz's trip to France went way better than
his trip to London.

The excellent Winery Chateau Montelena, which was depicted in the sweet and fun film Bottle Shock that I dig quite a lot, has a mailing list that sends out specials on their wine every few months.

I dig their wine but its a bit pricy (I mostly buy it as gifts for my mom whose tastes buds, unlike mine, are not fried from drinking well tequila so she appreciates good wine), so I dig their mailing list so I can be aware of sales.

I'm not sure if they had gotten complaints about their mailing list or something, but with the new year I got an email from them linking to a video by Bo Barrett, who was played in the movie by Chris "Captain Kirk" Pine in a cheap long haired wig.

Bo clearly should be in the next movie Chris Pine does because he is pretty awesome and funny in this video. If you are short on time just fast forward to 53 seconds in, which is the funniest part:

Considering how often I highlight completely terrible ads from huge billion dollar companies, its nice to see that this small family owned winery is able do such a good job at connecting with customers.

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