Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Listen to Mark Hamill narrate this horror movie trailer as 'The Joker'

No offense to the amazing late Mr. Ledger, but Mark Hamill will always be my favorite version of "The Joker." Just as the animated 90's animated series Hamill starred in will always be my favorite version of the Batman story.

So I was pretty excited to see Mr. Hamill has the only dialogue in the trailer for the virus horror movie on a plane film "Airborne":

Though the trailer is pretty mysterious and effective, (as is the campy-clever B movie style slogan on the film's posters "Come DIE with me"),  I don't think this trailer is as this trailer for the film Airborne:

The main thing I don't get about the trailer for this 1993 children's film I have never heard of is why the lead seems angry (based on the narrator's lines) to hang out with Seth Green. Seth Green is the fucking man, and early 90's slacker Seth Green is the second coolest fictional Seth Green you could hang out with. Ranking below "turns into a werewolf Seth Green" from the "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" Television series but above ridiculous hair Seth Green from this Nerf advertisement.

I also like that the font for that the 90's teen fish-out-of-water comedy "Airborne" chose for its title, looks way more like the font for a horror movie than the 2010's horror movie "Airborne" chose for its title.

Airborne: sometimes RollerBlading can be... MURDER!

slogan found via Filmdrunk.com

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