Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Podcast Episode 52

Thor's 52: In Russia, Dallas Does Debbie!

Starting at about four minutes into this episode, Thor conducts a half-hour long interview with Adam Glasser who is the porn producer director and former actor "Seymore Butts."

Here about: Glasser/Butt's filmography, his upcoming projects, the origins of the Reality Show "The Family Business" which Glasser/Butts had on showtime, Glasser's sexual education/how to guide DVDs, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tim Tebow, Glasser's predictions about what the future of porn technology is, Adam Glasser's obscenity trial, the first amendment, and much more.

Balder and I talk briefly about the Wynonna Rider and  Christian Slater film, "Heathers" after the interview.

Song at end was choosen because be it was orginally the soundtrack to a softcore Swedish B-Movie called "Sweden: Heaven and Hell"

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