Thursday, February 9, 2012

Song making fun of Montreal Canadians

So I hadn't heard of the song "Why This Kolaveri Di" before but it has 42 million views are an article in "The Times of India" from back in November. So apparently I'm the only person who hadn't heard this song before now. (Here it is if you hadn't either):

Its super catchy and the hooks in the music are great, but you know what it could use? Its lyrics changed to be about the Montreal Canadians trading their popular and talented player Michael Cammalleri to the rival Calgary Flames:

The parody video is more clever than laugh out loud funny, but I really dig it. The production is spot on and I like how the even parodied the orginal video, down to the subtitle font and the in studio video setting. This song is catchy as hell and both the original singer ( Dhanush) and the singer in the parody video have a really cool sounding voice. 

via Puck Daddy

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